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The Journey

We offer coaching to support you in removing barriers that keep you from realizing your full creative potential. We recommend 1-1 coaching for anyone who struggles with time management, making space for creativity, feelings of stagnation and frustration, depression, lack of focus, finishing projects, or lack of tools for self-improvement.

1. Self Awareness

The first stop on the journey is understanding your personality, including how you function, relate to others, and how you work best.

4. Inner Dialogue

Understanding your inner dialogue and how that affects your daily life and the accomplishment of your goals is critical. This is our fourth step. 

2. Goals and Barriers

Next we support you in setting goals and examining past road blocks and barriers that have prevented you from reaching goals in the past.  

5. Dream Big

Our fifth step is daring to dream big. You can't be it if you can't see it. What can you achieve as your best creative self?

3. Life Areas

Our third step is examining which areas in life you need the most help in. The areas we look at include mental health, physical health and relationships.

6. Implementation

Last, but not least, we support you in creating a plan towards your dreams and goals. The key in this step is to first tackle the small things and make little changes that have a big impact. 


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