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Abria Smith

Abria Smith is a multi-faceted creator who has worked as an actor, writer and musician for over 20 years. At an early age, she discovered that her ability to create not only gave her the courage to use her voice, but also served as a powerful tool to improve her mental health.


She offers internal healing workshops and services for those who wish to embrace and experience the full range of their emotions through creative expression.


Abria Smith is a warm, compassionate, and generous spirit with expressive eyes and a down-to-earth personality. Her smile and self-described "goofiness" invite others to be their authentic selves. 


What distinguishes Abria is her ability to translate her deep sensitivity and keen observations of daily life into relatable and genuine forms of creative expression. Through this expression she empowers others to be brave and reclaim their source of inner light and love. 

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Abria Smith


Abria has acted in theater and film for over 20 years. She is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA.


Abria started writing poetry at the age of seven, which naturally evolved into lyric writing. She is also a playwright, creating short plays that use humor to address topics related to mental health and trauma.


Abria started performing music at the age of 14 and continues to write and record inspirational songs that express her hopes and dreams for the world.


A nurturer by nature, Abria cares deeply for the feelings of others. She leads with empathy and works to understand the factors that prevent people from being their best selves.



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